Basant Bahar 2017 –  MUDRA – An Expression of Love and Life   


Sunday, March 12, 2017, dawned with unseasonal snow, after days of warm weather. But that didn’t surprise the organizers of Basant Bahar 2017, Hum Sub. What did, however, was how quickly that snow gave way to beautiful weather going into the afternoon, foreshadowing the visual feast that awaited the audience. When the doors of the Cary Arts Center opened at 3 pm, it could not have been a more glorious day.

The theme of Baant Bahar 2017 was Mudra- An Expression of Love and Life, and the show opened with Radha’s Veil, put together by Hasita Oza, a veteran Triangle dance teacher. It told the story of the abiding romance of Radha and Krishna, symbolized by Radha’s odhini or veil, presented in the Kathak style. The dancers combined heart-stopping footwork and pirouettes with graceful facial expressions to capture the pathos of unrequited love. Their colorful costumes added much panache to the show and thrilled the audience.

The second production, Skanda, was a Bharatanatyam connoisseur’s delight with its elaborate costumes, well-thought of props, and soulful music. Based on the stories of the God of War, Karthikeya, this show revealed the attention to detail that the choreographer Govardhani Babu had put into it. Although a tad long, it brought to life our much-loved mythology and the intelligent use of backdrops heightened the sense of drama, keeping the audience glued to their seats to the very end.

All the hard work the two teams put into their shows paid off in a rare treat of the purest form of India’s classical arts for an interested and engaged audience that included the Mayor of Cary, Harold Weinbrecht.