Our premier event, Cary Diwali, is a true partnership between Hum Sub and the Town of Cary. Cary Diwali is co-sponsored by Town of Cary Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources department.

The Town Of Cary provides the event facility, emergency management, security, publicity and promotion for Cary Diwali, while Hum Sub organizes, plans and coordinates all aspects of the event including fund raising, food vendor management, sales and cultural performances. From April to November, Hum Sub and the Town Of Cary Recreation & Cultural Resources department representatives meet regularly to develop plans and discuss improvements. This has resulted in improving the event from each year to the next.

For the Town of Cary, Hum Sub also became the point of contact for the large Indian American community in town. Representatives of Hum Sub have participated in many Town Of Cary initiatives including the Cary Downtown re–development initiative to voice the opinion of Indian American community.

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