Basant Bahar 2017 –  “MUDRA – An Expression of Love and Life”

Captivating stories from Indian mythology

One look can say it all, it has been said.

Mudra–the theme of Basant Bahar 2017 – refers to symbolic and ritualistic gestures – gestures that underpin all of India’s classical and highly stylized dance forms. For this spring event, Hum Sub is proud to bring to you two of India’s best loved tales- of the romantic love of Radha for the Supreme God, Krishna, and of the boyhood stories of Skanda, the God of War.




The first production, Radha’s Veil, is presented in Kathak, a storytelling dance form popular in North India and characterized by poetry in form and mesmerizing footwork. The dancer uses her veil to symbolizes her aching memories of her beloved Krishna–of the times spent together till life pulled them apart. How her spirits soar when she hears He is visiting a town near her with his queens. Oh, how lovely it would be to just catch a glimpse of him from under her veil! Will He remember the love of his childhood? Or, will He only leave her with tears to wipe away with the corner of her veil?  Through artful placements of hands, elaborate facial expressions, and rhythmic foot movements, choreographer Hasita Oza captures of pathos of unrequited love, as idyllic village scenes form the perfect backdrop to the unfolding drama.

The second production, Skanda, brings to you the fascinating tales of one of the sons of the divine couple, Shiva and Parvathi, the other being the elephant God, Ganesha. From the magical story of His birth and His angry renunciation of His birth privileges in the snowy abode of his parental home, Kailasam, to His appearances as an intelligent forest dweller, a valorous warrior, and a loving husband, the stories depicted in Skanda will be presented in Bharatnatyam. This dance form, popular in South India, is best known for its statuesque poses that bring to life temple sculptures that hark back to a distant past. Enjoy the colorful and elaborate costumes and props of this production put together by the talented Govardhani Babu.

We hope these productions will put you in the mood for more storytelling sessions when the long, hot lazy days of summer descend on us.