“Nav Tarang – A Wave of New Beginnings”

By Anandakrishnan Narayanan

Saturday – April 16, 2011 was an eventful day for multiple reasons. There was a tornado sweeping through the triangle area causing lot of heart burn for affected people. At the same time there was a different kind of event sweeping through the area warming lot of hearts almost trying to soothe everyone through Basant Bahar 2011. Tornado, heavy thunder storms, power cut and fallen trees could not stop the organizers, performers and above all audience from attending Basant Bahar 2011 held at Athens Drive High School, Raleigh.

It was an emphatic display of dedication and love for the culture and it’s expression by the participants and their families considering the weather conditions to show up for the event. The event was also well attended by people from all walks of life adding a true international flavor to the already colorful evening. Distinguished guests to grace the event included Cary Council Member Don Franz (http://donfrantz.blogspot.com/) and Cary Cultural Arts Manager Lyman Collins.

This year’s event featured Dance and Music from various states and highlighted not only similarities, but also the differences that make India’s culture truly unique and diverse to perfectly fit the title ‘Nav Tarang – A Wave of New Beginings’. Evening’s proceedings started with beautiful invocation bhajan on Lord Ganesh followed by a fantastic fusion of vocal, instrument and dance from the state of Bengal. Core of the event also included various forms of dance and music expressions from different states in India such as Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan , Orissa, Nagaland, to name few.

Choreographers’ efforts of working with the teams for months on preparation leading towards the event truly showed in the quality of the program. They showcased varied repertoire of dance and music that included variety of themes performed by fewer individuals to larger groups in different age groups with both male and women alike representing a huge diversity. The program’s grip on audience was such that they were riveted into their seats through out the two and half hours. Top it all there was also a food vendor committed to ensure audience were fed with delicious Indian snacks reminding of a famous Thiru kural that roughly translated into ‘We need to fill up our stomach with food if and only if we don’t get good food for our ears!’.

Basant Bahar 2011 was well presented by Master of Ceremonie’s Simmi Prasad and Dipak Prasad with an excellent team of Hum Sub volunteers to pull of such a wonderful event. In the end none of us could resist the feeling of wanting more that reminded of the famous Pepsi advertising slogan “yeh dil maange more” a.k.a “This heart wants more”.