Hum Sub’s Cary Diwali offers an excellent opportunity for vendors to display their craft and information for a wide variety of people. These vendor opportunities include food, handicrafts, non-profits, precious jewelry and information booths. Craft and jewelry booths are wonderful ways to showcase Indian heritage and do attract many people outside of the Indian heritage. Vendors flock to display their expression of art in various forms and shape. And information booths provide a gateway into various community services in the Triangle area. (These non-profit stations can be obtained by Hum Sub for a small fee) Triangle area restaurants get to introduce their delicacies to the entire audience during the event.

Overall, Hum Sub’s Cary Diwali is an excellent platform for Triangle area vendors to get their businesses visible to a vibrant demography of people who attend the event. Please explore the Basant Bahar or the Cary Diwali page to learn more about the events and click here to explore specific opportunities in more detail.

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